Born in 1972, PONY is the blue-collar, hardworking, value-for-money sneaker of America.

In the early 70′s, the only rule in bad, broken New York was to stay on your feet. When PONY first appeared in ’72 with original sneakers designed for real people, New Yorkers slipped on the brand they identified with, kicks built to survive the tough city streets. PONY has since symbolized the ethos of a city that never lies down.

As the PONY chevron continues to point forward, to the future, it seeks inspiration from a new generation of resilient and determined creative entrepreneurs that are re-defining the cultural landscape on their own terms. Through collaborations, connections, and a dedication to the original ethos – what defined PONY’S formative years, inspires and represents its future.


PONY has real heritage, a real story and real runs of the board. 40 years since PONY bolted into the imagination of sneaker lovers in the USA and beyond, it aims again to be recognized as the world’s most respected, accessible and credible sneaker and lifestyle brand.


Combining high performance and counterculture cred, PONY will embody the dynamic life on the streets, in the clubs and on the pitch. PONY will be the foundation from which street culture lovers and sneaker addicts can express who they are in different, unique and ever-challenging ways.


As a heritage brand taking a forward journey that never ends, PONY is a bridge between cultures, creations and generations. PONY unites a unique and diverse community,furthering collaboration, co-creation and the confidence to never stop trying.


Young, independent, dynamic fellow travelers who want to go the distance with sneakers they trust are wearing PONY. It’s about following your own path, taking each step on your own terms and never straying, however tough the conditions.


Through collaborations, connections and alliances with special people who love and respect what PONY stands for, this special sneaker community continues to stay on its feet while searching out new frontiers and creative possibilities. This was always the trailblazing ethos of PONY founder, Roberto Muller, a man who dreamed up a functional yet fashionable leisure sneaker concept that was the perfect fit for a rising new sound and rhythm on the streets of New York.


We inspire and move together with our community because we remain a genuine heritage brand that comes from the streets, speaks from the heart, and, like the chevron, is always stepping forward.