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GQ: The Summer 2024 Fashion Trends GQ Staffers Are Shopping

By Gerald Ortiz

13 galaxy-brain style moves to make right now, including dressier shorts, airier shirts, and exquisite leather shoes.

In the GQ offices, the tail end of spring means one thing: It’s time to start thinking about summer—and more specifically, the summer 2024 fashion trends we’re eyeing this season. Nothing will ever replace the infallible warm-weather essentials that we look to year after year, of course. But those essentials merely represent the foundation of an elite summer wardrobe, a jumping off point to help you splash into even drippier fits. Because once you’ve set your foundation, you’re free to explore the swerves, flexes, and just-kooky-enough style moves that promise to make this summer even hotter—in the best way possible. So we tapped a who’s who of our colleagues to dish on the summer trends they’re stoked about right now, and jotted them all down here as friendly suggestions, if not a selfish sort of manifesting. Enjoy.

Baseball Jerseys—Licensed and Not

I'm not sure how much intel you can actually glean from sidewalk vintage racks, but anecdotally, it sure seems like the baseball jersey business is booming. The real-deal mesh joints typically reserved for batting practice or spring training look especially fresh right now, but they’re not the only versions getting a call from the bullpen. Whether you rock one open over a tee or with your clavicles fully exposed like you’re playing for the 2023 Phillies. They're a short-sleeve changeup (sorry) from the typical camp shirt fare. —Reed Nelson


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