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Metal Magazine: PONY - Hustle Culture

Metal Magazine Featured Image: Linebacker Lux Sneaker in White/Black/Cement/Gum
New York city streets, the smell of petrol taxis and the buzz of people: this is the place that PONY situates itself in. A city whose culture is work, work, work. And boy have the designers behind this brand put their all into the latest drop, whose designs are taken from the heritage brand’s archive and reworked into a contemporary context. PONY is relaunching, after 51 years of crafting footwear that has wowed stellar athletes and creatives alike. The energy of these grail-like items is palpable.
Product of ____ is their latest campaign, focusing on the now international spirit of the brand. The essence of New York saturates many major cities and towns, where hustle culture plays a big role in everyone’s everyday lives. Leaving a blank space for creativity, invention and playfulness PONY build on the joy of ambiguity. This idea says open, non-prescriptive and easy going – just like their designs that can be worn by anyone.
For the trainer-obsessed we care about comfort, style, and performance. PONY hits the ball out of the park on all categories. Modelled by the artistic and sporty trio of boxer Kurt Scooby, musician Jonathan Richetts, and tattoo artist JD the M-80, The Linebacker Lux and M-100 are conceived of luxury leather that is durable yet soft. These are people trying to build something bigger and greater, which very much shares in the ethos of PONY. Known for its quality the brand became the official trainer of the American basketball association in 2007, and its reach goes far beyond the basketball community, evidenced by the models we see in this campaign. Modern classics, which stand up for today’s point of view these trainers are essentials for the contemporary person.
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