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Product Of The Struggle.

PONY will always be a product of two things: the city that made us, and the people who believe in us.

Whilst New York has changed a lot since we first came up, the energy that powered its evolution hasn’t, nor have the people. Every day we see the vitality of our communities in the grit and personality of real talent out there doing their own thing.

Kurt is a super lightweight boxer based in Brooklyn. A belt holder pushing for a title fight, he has to stay two steps ahead to maintain peak performance. We asked Kurt what motivates his unstoppable push for victory. What is his drive and ambition a product of?




Tell us the story of why you became a boxer. Was there a moment or piece of advice that set you on this path?
The sport of boxing has always kept me occupied, whether it kept me out of trouble or kept me out of the street, both actions required patience and strength, boxing taught me both

What’s been the hardest part of getting to where you are in your career? There isn’t any hard parts in my life, I believe all work is easy work mentally, and physically

How do the people around you impact your ambitions? Having people around me telling me if my shit stinks have always been such a considerable impact on my life, without my team's honesty there’s no Kurt Scooby 13-0 11kos

What motivates you to keep going? My daughter, Leo, and my son, Rocco, both spark a hunger that’s unmatched!

What does it take to be a champion boxer? It takes doing the little things that no one wants to do over and over,


Where do you live now, and how is your city important to you and others? I live in Pennsylvania but train in the Famous Gleason's gym in Brooklyn, New York. I’m from Duarte, CA. A city where violence and misunderstandings caused a lot of death and hurt. I’m a product of my city because I made it out with a few scratched on my back (Lessons)

Do you think that places make people, or people make places? Why? I would honestly say both because without my city and the lessons I’ve learned I wouldn’t be where I am and vice versa where I’m at in my life I can always go back and deliver knowledge to those who will listen and need it

What’s your favorite hangout, and what does it give you? Of course, working out! We want to be great, right?

Tell us three reasons why you practice at your gym. My gym is my home.


How does where we grew up find its way into our personalities? Where we grow up shows our personality, the good and the bad, it’s just up to us to provide the judgement among others

Where did you go to school and / or college? Did that inspire (or not inspire) you? The streets University with a master in understanding.

Is the past important to you? Why? I would say the past is only influential when I need to find hunger; otherwise, I take each day one day at a time with a New York State of mind.

How does your past create the person you want to be? My past allows me to be a better person then what I was back then to now

Does home matter to champions, or should it be left behind? Never forgetting where your roots is always key! Because each one teaches one


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