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Wonderland Magazine: PONY Relaunches

Wonderland Magazine Featured Image - Jonathan Richetts in PONY apparel and footwear from Product Of Campaign


The iconic New York-based footwear brand, PONY, is staging a comeback with a dazzling new campaign that pays homage to its roots whilst tapping into a rich tapestry of New York talent. Buckle up for the relaunch of PONY with the unveiling of their ground-breaking “Product Of” campaign.

In a nod to the multifaceted nature of the PONY identity, the “Product Of” campaign celebrates individuals who embody the spirit of New York’s grind-and-hustle mentality. Boxer extraordinaire Kurt Scooby, musical virtuoso Jonathan Richetts and tattoo maestro JD step into the limelight to showcase OG styles from PONY’s archival collection, modernized for the contemporary sneaker aficionado.

Venturing into the heart of PONY’s archive, the campaign showcases the low/high iterations of the M-100 and the M-80, alongside The Linebacker Lux. As fashion and streetwear embrace the allure of classic styles, PONY stands poised to reclaim their seat at the footwear table. The resurgence of this OG serves as a visual reminder of PONY’s rich history, a call back to the classics, and a timeless expression of New York’s urban fabric.

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