Our History

In New York City


Pélé, the world greatest soccer player, scores his record 1300th goal wearing PONY.

The ragtag Oakland Raiders plundered the 1976 Superbowl wearing PONY epitomizing the brand’s freewheeling whatever-it-takes ethos.


Women’s Tennis Association, Tracy Austin wins 2 US Opens and is ranked number 1 worldwide in PONY.


Reggie Jackson, Mr. October himself wore PONY as he spanked home run number 500.In a few short years, the PONY brand was worn by championship athletes in every major sport, including the World Cup, NFL, Super Bowl, MLB World Series and the NBA championship. 


Spud Webb, one of the shortest players in the NBA, beat out Michael Jordan and other towering competitors while wearing PONY City Wings and won the ALL STAR SLAM DUNK title. PONY was the perfect fit for Spud, the official shoe of the 5’6” guy.


Following its 40th anniversary, PONY launches a series of collaboration projects with retailers and designers including DKNY, Colette, Art comes first, Smiley, Rothco, Mark McNairy and a premium “Product of New York” collection in collaboration with retailer Barney’s.  


PONY is back in the game. With its New York attitude restored, this authentic sports brand is poised once again to deliver the goods.